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Welcome to the ultimate travel guide for Ålesund, Norway! If you’re planning a visit to this picturesque coastal city, you’re in for a treat. From the best time to visit and how to get there, to where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and essential travel tips, this comprehensive guide has got you covered. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, a foodie, or simply seeking a memorable vacation, Ålesund has something for everyone. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore this charming destination nestled amidst stunning fjords and mountains. Let’s dive into everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to Ålesund.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best time to visit Ålesund is during the summer months (June-August) when the weather is mild and the days are long.
  • The most convenient way to get to Ålesund is by flying into its airport, but it’s also accessible by train or car.
  • Travelers have a range of accommodation options in Ålesund, including hotels, hostels, and Airbnb rentals.
  • When is the Best Time to Visit Ålesund?

    When is the Best Time to Visit Ålesund? - Travel Guide for Ålesund Norway

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    The best time to visit Ålesund, Norway, is during the summer months, from June to August, when the city’s coastline and scenic beauty are at their most breathtaking, offering abundant opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, and exploring natural attractions, all against the backdrop of stunning panoramic views.

    During this time, the sun hangs in the sky for long hours, casting an enchanting glow over the picturesque fjords and mountains that surround Ålesund. Visitors can take leisurely walks along the cobblestone streets, admiring the Art Nouveau architecture that the city is famous for.

    For nature enthusiasts, the nearby Geirangerfjord and Trollstigen Road are not to be missed, as they offer some of the most awe-inspiring vistas in all of Norway. A boat trip to the island of Runde during the summer allows for birdwatching, with thousands of seabirds inhabiting the cliffs.

    How to Get to Ålesund?

    Traveling to Ålesund, Norway, is convenient and accessible through various means, including air travel, train connections, or road transportation, with the city’s airport serving as a primary gateway for both domestic and international visitors.

    Ålesund is served by Ålesund Airport, Vigra, which is located approximately 16 kilometers northwest of the city center. The airport provides connections to major Norwegian cities such as Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim, as well as international destinations in Europe. Travelers can opt for direct flights or connecting flights via Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

    For those preferring train travel, Ålesund is well-connected to the national rail network through nearby cities like Åndalsnes and Molde. Train journeys offer scenic views as they wind through the picturesque Norwegian countryside, making it a memorable travel experience.

    Travelers who prefer road transportation can access Ålesund via well-maintained roads and highways. The E136 and E39 highways provide easy access from various parts of Norway, allowing for a scenic road trip to the city.

    By Air

    Traveling to Ålesund by air offers the convenience of direct flights from major cities such as Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim, with national carriers like SAS and Norwegian Coastal Voyage providing regular connections to the city’s airport.

    Ålesund Airport, Vigra, is the primary gateway to the city and is well-equipped to handle domestic air travel with ease. The airport is served by major airlines, including SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) and Norwegian Coastal Voyage, offering frequent flights connecting passengers from Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim. With its strategic location, travelers can easily access the stunning coastal city of Ålesund within a short flight time, making it a highly convenient and desirable travel option.

    By Train

    While Ålesund doesn’t have direct train access, travelers can enjoy scenic train journeys to nearby cities such as Oslo, Bergen, and Trondheim, followed by connecting bus or ferry services for a picturesque arrival in the city.

    Embarking on a train journey from Oslo, visitors are treated to breathtaking views of Norway’s varied landscapes, from rolling hills to serene fjords.

    Travelers can also opt for the train service from Bergen, famous for its stunning railway line that offers panoramic viewpoints of the surrounding dramatic mountains and cascading waterfalls.

    On the other hand, catching a train from Trondheim presents an opportunity to witness the charming coastal scenery as the train winds its way through picturesque villages and coastal towns.

    Once arriving at the nearest train station, seamless bus or ferry connections await, serving as a delightful introduction to the coastal marvel that is Ålesund.

    By Car

    Driving to Ålesund by car presents the opportunity to enjoy a scenic road trip, with well-maintained roads connecting the city to nearby attractions such as the Geirangerfjord, Hjørundfjord, and the island of Godøy, making it an ideal mode of transport for exploration and excursions.

    Traveling by car provides the flexibility to venture off the beaten path, uncovering hidden gems along the way. The breathtaking drives include Norway’s famous Atlantic Ocean Road, offering stunning coastal views and unique architectural feats. The E136 route leads to the awe-inspiring Trollstigen, renowned for its serpentine road and dramatic mountain scenery.

    With a car, visitors can easily access the scenic viewpoints overlooking the fjords, stop at charming villages to savor local cuisine, and embark on outdoor adventures like hiking or kayaking. The freedom to create a personalized itinerary and the convenience of being able to make spontaneous stops enhance the overall experience of exploring Ålesund and its surrounding natural wonders.

    Where to Stay in Ålesund?

    Where to Stay in Ålesund? - Travel Guide for Ålesund Norway

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    Choosing accommodation in Ålesund offers a range of options, from waterfront hotels with captivating views of the coastline to cozy hostels and charming Airbnb rentals, ensuring a comfortable and picturesque stay in this scenic Norwegian city.

    For those craving the luxury of waking up to breathtaking views of the Norwegian Sea, Ålesund’s waterfront hotels are the ideal choice. Imagine savoring breakfast while watching the sunrise paint the tranquil waters with hues of gold and pink, or relaxing in the evening with a glass of wine as the city lights reflect on the shimmering surface. These hotels not only offer mesmerizing vistas but also provide easy access to the city’s attractions and activities.

    Alternatively, cozy hostels nestled amidst the city’s charming streets exude a warm and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for budget-conscious travelers, these accommodations often boast friendly communal spaces where guests can swap stories and travel tips, creating a sense of camaraderie unparalleled by other lodging options.

    For those seeking a more personalized and homey experience, Airbnb rentals in Ålesund present a myriad of charming options. From historic apartments adorned with traditional Norwegian architecture to contemporary lofts with panoramic sea views, these rentals allow visitors to immerse themselves in the city’s rich culture and heritage.


    Hotels in Ålesund offer a blend of modern comforts and stunning waterfront views, with options ranging from boutique establishments in the city center to luxurious accommodations overlooking the scenic coastline, ensuring a memorable stay for visitors.

    Many of the hotels in Ålesund boast contemporary amenities, such as spa facilities, fitness centers, and gourmet dining options, catering to the needs of discerning travelers. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque waterfront, these accommodations provide an idyllic retreat, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the city’s scenic allure.

    Whether seeking a cozy guesthouse or a five-star hotel, visitors can find the perfect waterfront views to complement their stay in this charming coastal city.


    For budget-conscious travelers, hostels in Ålesund provide affordable yet comfortable accommodations, often situated in convenient locations within the city, offering an ideal base for exploring the local attractions and vibrant coastal ambiance.

    Plus being cost-effective, staying in hostels fosters a sense of community, allowing guests to meet fellow travelers from around the world. Many hostels also offer diverse amenities such as common areas, communal kitchens, and organized activities, enhancing the overall experience of the stay. The staff at hostels are often local experts, providing valuable tips and insights for making the most of a trip to Ålesund. The coastal setting of the city creates a picturesque backdrop for hostel accommodations, enriching the entire travel experience.


    Staying in an Airbnb rental in Ålesund offers the chance to immerse in the local lifestyle, with a variety of charming accommodations available, from cozy apartments in the city center to picturesque cottages nestled amidst the natural beauty of the surrounding region.

    Plus the wide range of accommodation options, Airbnb rentals in Ålesund provide a unique opportunity to experience the city’s natural beauty up close. Imagine waking up to stunning views of the fjords or being surrounded by lush greenery, offering a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What sets Airbnb rentals apart is the chance to connect with local hosts who are often eager to share insights about the best-kept secrets of Ålesund, from hidden hiking trails to authentic local eateries.

    What to Do in Ålesund?

    Exploring Ålesund unveils a rich tapestry of activities, from diving into the city’s captivating art nouveau architecture and historical museums to admiring its landmarks, including the iconic church and lighthouse, providing an immersive journey through the city’s cultural and historical gems.

    The city’s art nouveau architecture is a standout feature, characterized by vibrant, ornate facades and intricate details. Walking through its streets feels like stepping into a living museum of this iconic architectural style.

    Historical museums like the Ålesund Museum and the Sunnmøre Museum offer fascinating insights into the city’s past, presenting exhibits that showcase its maritime heritage, regional traditions, and the reconstruction after the devastating fire of 1904.

    As one explores, the iconic landmarks of Ålesund, such as the Ålesund Church and the Alnes Lighthouse, stand as testaments to the city’s enduring spirit and offer breathtaking views that merge history with natural beauty.

    Immersive cultural experiences, such as local art galleries, traditional Norwegian cuisine, and artisanal craft shops, complement the architectural and historical highlights, allowing visitors to engage with the city’s contemporary creative pulse.

    Explore the City Center

    The city center of Ålesund beckons with its stunning art nouveau buildings, museums that delve into the city’s fascinating history and culture, and a vibrant ambiance that invites visitors to immerse in the city’s heritage and architectural charm.

    As you wander through the picturesque streets of Ålesund, you’ll be captivated by its architectural marvels. The distinctive art nouveau style, with its ornate details and vibrant color palettes, is a feast for the eyes. The city’s art nouveau buildings reflect a unique blend of traditional Scandinavian design and modern European influences, offering a glimpse into a bygone era of architectural innovation.

    Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and culture by visiting its renowned museums. Explore exhibits that showcase the maritime heritage of Ålesund, from its fishing industry to its seafaring traditions. Gain insight into the city’s resilience and revival after the devastating fire of 1904, which led to the remarkable transformation of its architectural landscape.

    Experience the vibrant ambiance of the city center, where bustling cafes, art galleries, and lively cultural events merge seamlessly with the serene waterfront and scenic views. The atmosphere is a captivating blend of tradition and modernity, creating a dynamic backdrop for your explorations.

    Hike Up Aksla Mountain

    Embarking on a hike up Aksla Mountain presents a rewarding outdoor adventure, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Ålesund and its surrounding landscape, making it a must-visit attraction for nature enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts alike.

    The winding trails, surrounded by rich flora and fauna, guide hikers through the rugged terrain, creating an immersive experience in the heart of nature. As you ascend, the crisp mountain air invigorates the senses while the ever-changing vistas unfold, providing ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts to capture the beauty of the Norwegian countryside.

    Visit the Ålesund Aquarium

    The Ålesund Aquarium offers an engaging experience for visitors of all ages, showcasing a diverse array of marine life and interactive exhibits, making it an ideal destination for families and those seeking an immersive aquatic adventure in the heart of the city.

    As you wander through the aquarium, you’ll encounter mesmerizing tanks filled with colorful fish, mesmerizing jellyfish, and captivating seahorses. The interactive exhibits provide an educational yet fascinating insight into the world beneath the waves, allowing kids to touch starfish, learn about marine conservation, and even witness feeding demonstrations that bring the ocean’s wonders to life.

    One of the highlights for families is the opportunity to participate in feeding sessions, where visitors can engage with the aquarium’s resident sea creatures under the guidance of knowledgeable staff. The aquarium’s emphasis on hands-on experiences ensures that everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, can form a deep connection with the marine environment.

    For those seeking a deeper understanding of marine ecosystems, the Ålesund Aquarium offers insightful presentations and talks, making it a perfect blend of entertainment and education for families, creating lasting memories and sparking a passion for the underwater world.

    Take a Boat Tour of the Fjords

    Embarking on a boat tour of the fjords near Ålesund, including the renowned Geirangerfjord and Hjørundfjord, offers a mesmerizing journey through Norway’s stunning natural landscapes, providing an unforgettable excursion into the heart of the country’s scenic beauty.

    As the boat gently glides through the serene waters, visitors are greeted with towering cliffs adorned with lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, and the occasional sighting of graceful wildlife. The Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, unfolds its dramatic beauty as the boat navigates through its crystal-clear waters surrounded by steep mountain slopes, creating a captivating spectacle.

    • The picturesque hamlets and historic farmsteads that dot the fjordside offer a glimpse into the traditional Norwegian way of life, adding a cultural depth to the journey.
    • The Hjørundfjord, with its secluded feel and pristine nature, entices travelers with its tranquility and unspoiled charm, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and photographers seeking the perfect shot of unblemished natural beauty.

    Where to Eat in Ålesund?

    Discovering culinary delights in Ålesund entails savoring traditional Norwegian delicacies, indulging in exquisite seafood offerings at local restaurants, and exploring diverse international cuisines, ensuring a delectable journey through the city’s vibrant food scene.

    With its coastal location, Ålesund boasts an abundance of fresh seafood, including the renowned skrei and lutefisk, giving visitors a taste of authentic Norwegian flavors. Local eateries and markets also offer an array of cured meats, creamy cheeses, and freshly baked bread, providing a true culinary experience.

    The city’s waterfront restaurants serve up delectable seafood dishes, from succulent salmon to delicate lobster, all freshly caught from the surrounding fjords.

    For those craving international fare, Ålesund’s dining scene features diverse options, with restaurants serving everything from Italian pasta and Japanese sushi to Mexican tacos and Indian curry, catering to a wide range of palates.

    Traditional Norwegian Cuisine

    Dining in Ålesund offers the opportunity to relish authentic Norwegian flavors, with local restaurants and eateries serving up traditional delicacies that showcase the rich culinary heritage of the region, providing a delightful gastronomic experience for visitors.

    From the iconic Kjøttboller (Norwegian meatballs) to the succulent Fårikål (lamb and cabbage stew), traditional Norwegian cuisine is a treat for the senses. At local establishments, such as the charming bistros along the waterfront or the cozy family-run restaurants nestled in the town’s cobblestone streets, visitors can savor the distinctive flavors passed down through generations. The emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and time-honored cooking methods reflects the deep ties that Norwegian culture has with its land and sea.

    The warmth and hospitality with which these meals are served add an extra layer of enjoyment to the dining experience. Whether it’s a steaming bowl of homemade fish soup or a platter of freshly caught Skrei (Arctic cod), every dish tells a story of tradition and pride. Every bite is an invitation to immerse oneself in the cultural tapestry of Ålesund, where food is not just sustenance but a celebration of heritage.

    Seafood Restaurants

    Ålesund’s seafood restaurants offer a delectable array of culinary delights, featuring fresh catches from the surrounding waters and innovative preparations that highlight the city’s coastal charm, making it a must-visit destination for seafood enthusiasts and culinary adventurers.

    As you step into these charming establishments, you are greeted with the tantalizing aroma of the ocean, setting the perfect stage for a memorable dining experience. The menus are a testament to the region’s maritime heritage, showcasing an impressive variety of seafood dishes, from traditional favorites like salmon and herring to more exotic options such as bacalao and lobster.

    The chefs’ expertise shines through in every dish, with each bite offering a tantalizing burst of fresh flavors that speak to the exceptional quality of the ingredients. Whether you opt for a simple yet impeccably prepared grilled fish or a luxuriously indulgent seafood platter, every meal is a celebration of the sea’s bounty.

    International Cuisine

    For those seeking diverse dining experiences, Ålesund boasts an array of international restaurants that offer an eclectic mix of global flavors, ensuring a culinary journey that spans continents and delights the palate with an impressive variety of international cuisines.

    From the vibrant spices of Indian cuisine to the delicate umami of Japanese sushi, Ålesund’s dining scene invites patrons to savor the rich tapestry of global flavors. Indulge in the savory aromas of Mexican street food or the tantalizing heat of Thai curries. Whether you crave the comforting warmth of a French bistro or the bold, smoky flavors of Argentinian grills, the city’s diverse culinary landscape promises a tantalizing adventure for food enthusiasts. Embark on a gastronomic exploration that features Mediterranean delights, Middle Eastern mezze, and Asian fusion masterpieces, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience in Ålesund.

    Tips for Traveling in Ålesund

    Tips for Traveling in Ålesund - Travel Guide for Ålesund Norway

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    When traveling in Ålesund, it’s essential to pack appropriate clothing for outdoor activities, utilize the city’s efficient public transportation, and be mindful of local customs and etiquette, ensuring a smooth and respectful exploration of this captivating Norwegian destination.

    As Ålesund experiences a maritime climate, packing waterproof and windproof outerwear, along with layers for warmth, is crucial. The city’s reliable bus network is an excellent way to get around, with tickets available from kiosks or via mobile apps.

    It’s important to remember that in Norwegian culture, punctuality is highly valued, so being on time for appointments and tours is a sign of respect. When interacting with locals, a polite and reserved demeanor is appreciated, and removing shoes when entering someone’s home is customary.

    Bring Appropriate Clothing

    Packing appropriate clothing for outdoor activities and nature exploration is crucial when visiting Ålesund, ensuring comfort and preparedness for the city’s diverse weather conditions and natural landscapes.

    As a coastal city in Norway, Ålesund offers an abundance of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to partake in activities such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking. The weather in this region can be quite unpredictable, with frequent changes ranging from sunny spells to sudden showers. Hence, it is essential for travelers to pack versatile clothing that can adapt to these variations, including waterproof jackets, sturdy hiking boots, moisture-wicking layers, and quick-drying pants. Being equipped with the right attire enables visitors to fully embrace the stunning fjords, mountains, and lush greenery that Ålesund has to offer.

    Use Public Transportation

    Utilizing Ålesund’s efficient public transportation system offers travelers a convenient and sustainable way to navigate the city, ensuring accessibility to major attractions, dining venues, and cultural landmarks with ease and eco-friendly convenience.

    With an extensive network of bus routes and ferry services, travelers can easily reach popular destinations such as the picturesque Aksla viewpoint, the historic Sunnmore Museum, and the charming Art Nouveau Centre. The public transport system provides a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to driving, allowing visitors to reduce their carbon footprint while exploring the city. The reliability and frequency of public transit services enable visitors to plan their itineraries with confidence, promoting a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience.

    Be Mindful of Local Customs

    Respecting and being mindful of local customs and cultural etiquette in Ålesund is essential for visitors, fostering positive interactions with the city’s residents and showcasing a respectful approach towards the region’s heritage and traditions.

    While exploring the charming streets of Ålesund, it’s important to understand and embrace the customs and traditions of this vibrant Norwegian coastal town. Ålesund, with its rich cultural heritage, prides itself on its unique customs and traditions, which have been passed down through generations. Whether it’s engaging in local festivities or simply interacting with the friendly locals, travelers can create meaningful connections by displaying consideration and open-mindedness towards the local way of life.

    From engaging in traditional crafts to embracing the language and social norms, visitors can deeply immerse themselves in the culture of Ålesund, leaving an indelible mark of respect and understanding.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best time of year to visit Ålesund, Norway?

    The best time to visit Ålesund, Norway is during the summer months of June to August. This is when the weather is warmest and there are many outdoor activities and festivals to enjoy.

    What are some must-see attractions in Ålesund, Norway?

    Some must-see attractions in Ålesund include the Aksla Viewpoint, the Ålesund Aquarium, and the Jugendstilsenteret Museum. Don’t forget to also take a stroll through the charming streets lined with Art Nouveau architecture.

    What is the currency used in Ålesund, Norway?

    The currency used in Ålesund, Norway is the Norwegian Krone (NOK). It’s best to exchange currency before your trip or withdraw cash from an ATM upon arrival.

    What are some popular outdoor activities in Ålesund, Norway?

    Some popular outdoor activities in Ålesund include hiking, kayaking, and fishing. You can also take a boat tour to explore the nearby islands and fjords.

    What should I pack for a trip to Ålesund, Norway?

    For a trip to Ålesund, Norway, be sure to pack warm and waterproof clothing, as well as comfortable walking shoes. Don’t forget a camera to capture the stunning landscapes and architecture.

    What is the best way to get around Ålesund, Norway?

    The best way to get around Ålesund is by walking or biking, as the city is compact and easy to navigate. There are also bus and ferry services available for longer distances.