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Lava Hot Springs, located in the picturesque state of Idaho, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Boasting natural hot springs that offer relaxation and rejuvenation, this charming destination offers a plethora of activities for visitors of all ages.

From soaking in the therapeutic hot springs to embarking on thrilling adventures, Lava Hot Springs has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to unwind in the peaceful atmosphere, explore the local trails, indulge in delicious cuisine, or immerse yourself in the rich history and culture, this article will guide you through the top 15 things to do in Lava Hot Springs. Let’s delve into the diverse range of experiences that await you in this enchanting destination.

Key Takeaways:

  • 1. Experience the natural beauty and therapeutic effects of Lava Hot Springs by soaking in the hot springs.
  • 2. Enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, such as tubing, horseback riding, and fishing, in the picturesque surroundings of Lava Hot Springs.
  • 3. Immerse yourself in the local culture by attending events, trying local cuisine, and shopping for souvenirs in Lava Hot Springs.
  • What Are Lava Hot Springs?

    What Are Lava Hot Springs? - Things to Do in Lava Hot Springs

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    Lava Hot Springs is a charming town known for its natural hot pools, historic downtown, and scenic views, attracting visitors from near and far.

    The town’s hot pools are fed by natural underground springs, offering a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for all who visit. Lava Hot Springs’ historic downtown is filled with quaint shops, restaurants, and charming accommodations, providing a delightful glimpse into the town’s rich past.

    Located in southeastern Idaho, this picturesque town is nestled in a valley, surrounded by striking mountain landscapes and lush greenery. Visitors can also explore outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and river tubing, making it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts.

    Where Are Lava Hot Springs Located?

    Lava Hot Springs is nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Idaho, along the banks of the Portneuf River in the Pacific Northwest region.

    The town of Lava Hot Springs is renowned for its picturesque location, offering stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and the Caribou National Forest, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere. Situated in the southeastern part of Idaho, this charming town benefits from its proximity to the Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park, making it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

    What Are the Best Things to Do in Lava Hot Springs?

    What Are the Best Things to Do in Lava Hot Springs? - Things to Do in Lava Hot Springs

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    Lava Hot Springs offers an array of activities for visitors, including ziplining, relaxation at Riverside Hot Springs Inn, exploration of the Aquatic Center, and indulging in local cuisine and shopping experiences.

    Soak in the Natural Hot Springs

    One of the must-do activities in Lava Hot Springs is to soak in the rejuvenating natural hot pools, known for their mineral-rich waters, sulfur content, and therapeutic temperatures, attracting visitors seeking relaxation and wellness.

    The mineral composition of these natural hot springs makes them particularly beneficial for health and rejuvenation. The waters are enriched with calcium, magnesium, and sodium bicarbonate, which are known for their skin-healing and muscle-relaxing properties. The sulfur content in the springs is also renowned for its potential to alleviate rheumatic conditions and promote overall well-being.

    Visitors are drawn to these hot springs not only for their healing properties but also for the serene and picturesque environment that surrounds them. The appeal lies in the peaceful setting, nestled within the natural beauty of the surroundings, inviting guests to unwind and de-stress.

    Visit the Olympic Swimming Complex

    The Olympic Swimming Complex in Lava Hot Springs offers a range of water activities, including the Waterpark, making it an ideal destination for visitors seeking aquatic adventures and family fun.

    Visitors can enjoy a thrilling experience with the Waterpark’s slides, fountains, and interactive water features, providing hours of entertainment for all ages. For those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere, the complex also boasts hot pools and a diving platform, perfect for unwinding and soaking up the stunning surroundings.

    The complex’s scenic picnic areas offer a great setting for family gatherings, while the sand volleyball courts and playgrounds provide additional recreational opportunities. With options for both adventurous and leisure-focused visitors, the Olympic Swimming Complex truly caters to a wide range of interests.

    Go Tubing on the Portneuf River

    Tubing on the scenic Portneuf River is a popular summer activity in Lava Hot Springs, allowing visitors to enjoy leisurely and refreshing experiences amidst picturesque natural surroundings.

    During the warm months, the gentle currents of the Portneuf River offer an ideal setting for tubing adventures, attracting outdoor enthusiasts and families seeking a relaxing yet exhilarating experience. As you float along the tranquil waters, the lush greenery and rugged canyon walls provide a stunning backdrop, creating a serene ambiance for unwinding and connecting with nature. This experiential journey highlights the recreational significance and seasonal appeal of the captivating river, offering a perfect blend of leisure, adventure, and natural beauty.

    Relax at the Lava Hot Springs Inn and Spa

    Riverside Hot Springs Inn and Spa offers a serene retreat in Lava Hot Springs, providing luxurious massages, boutique rooms, and a tranquil ambiance, making it a perfect destination for relaxation and rejuvenation.

    The inn’s massage services stand out for their exceptional quality, catering to various preferences and needs. Guests can indulge in a range of treatments, from deeply relaxing Swedish massages to invigorating deep tissue therapies, all administered by skilled and experienced therapists.

    Alongside the rejuvenating spa experiences, the boutique accommodations at Riverside Hot Springs offer a blend of historic charm and modern comfort, boasting elegantly furnished rooms and suites with scenic views and plush amenities.

    Explore the Lava Hot Springs Foundation Trail System

    The Lava Hot Springs Foundation Trail System invites visitors to explore picturesque hiking trails, offering stunning scenic views and opportunities to connect with the natural beauty of Idaho’s landscapes.

    The trails wind through diverse terrain, from lush forests to open meadows, providing hikers with a captivating journey through Idaho’s natural beauty. Along the way, hikers can encounter fascinating wildlife, including deer, birds, and other indigenous creatures. At various points on the trails, scenic vistas unfold, showcasing the rugged beauty of the region with vistas of rolling hills and sparkling rivers.

    The Lava Hot Springs Foundation Trail System also caters to hikers of all levels, with trails ranging from easy strolls to more challenging ascents, making it a perfect outdoor destination for adventurers of any experience level.

    Try Your Luck at the Lava Hot Springs Casino

    The Lava Hot Springs Casino offers an exciting blend of entertainment and gaming experiences, providing visitors with a vibrant atmosphere to try their luck and enjoy lively entertainment options.

    Upon entering the casino, guests are greeted by the cheerful ambiance and the enticing sounds of slot machines beckoning them to play.

    The casino floor boasts a wide range of gaming options, including classic table games like blackjack, poker, and roulette, as well as the latest slot titles with interactive features and impressive jackpots. Whether visitors are casual players or seasoned gamblers, there’s something to suit every preference.

    What sets the Lava Hot Springs Casino apart is its commitment to enhancing the overall visitor experience. The staff members are friendly and knowledgeable, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. The casino frequently hosts special events, live music performances, and thrilling promotions, ensuring that the entertainment offerings are as diverse and dynamic as the gaming selection.

    For those seeking a break from the gaming action, the casino also features a variety of dining options ranging from casual eateries to refined restaurants. From quick bites to gourmet dishes, guests can refuel and unwind before returning to the excitement of the gaming floor.

    Go Horseback Riding in the Mountains

    Exploring the scenic mountains of Lava Hot Springs on horseback provides outdoor enthusiasts with an exhilarating and immersive way to appreciate the natural beauty of the region and engage in recreational adventures.

    The rugged terrain and lush forests offer a picturesque backdrop for horseback riding, and as you traverse the winding trails, stunning vistas unfold at every turn, creating a sense of awe and tranquility.

    For those seeking adventure, there are opportunities for galloping through open meadows, crossing bubbling streams, and navigating through challenging terrain, adding an element of excitement and thrill to the experience.

    Horseback riding in Lava Hot Springs is truly a harmonious blend of natural beauty, physical activity, and the exhilarating bond between humans and these majestic animals. Whether you are an experienced rider or a novice, the mountains of Lava Hot Springs promise unforgettable outdoor experiences.

    Attend a Local Event or Festival

    Participating in a local event or festival in Lava Hot Springs provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant culture and community spirit, celebrating the town’s traditions and local heritage.

    The festivities in Lava Hot Springs are a testament to the town’s rich cultural tapestry, showcasing a dynamic blend of music, dance, art, and culinary delights. Whether it’s the lively rhythms of local bands, the enchanting performances by traditional dancers, or the aroma of local cuisine wafting through the air, each aspect resonates with the essence of the community.

    The diverse array of events also pays homage to the area’s history, creating an engaging atmosphere where residents and visitors alike come together to revel in the town’s cherished customs.

    Sample Local Cuisine at Restaurants and Cafes

    Indulging in the local cuisine at restaurants and cafes in Lava Hot Springs offers a delightful culinary journey, showcasing the flavors and culinary traditions of Idaho in a charming and inviting dining atmosphere.

    Upon stepping into the cozy cafes and restaurants in Lava Hot Springs, visitors are greeted with a warm and welcoming ambiance, reflecting the town’s hospitality and vibrant culinary scene. The menus boast an array of dishes that celebrate the region’s rich agricultural heritage, incorporating locally sourced ingredients and time-honored recipes.

    Whether savoring a delectable potato-centric dish that pays homage to Idaho’s famous crop or relishing a hearty elk or trout preparation, each bite encapsulates the essence of the state’s culinary prowess.

    The dining experience isn’t just about the food but also the sense of community and pride that the local establishments exude, making it a must-visit destination for culinary enthusiasts seeking an authentic taste of Idaho.

    Shop for Souvenirs at the Local Stores

    Browsing and shopping for souvenirs at the local stores in Lava Hot Springs provides visitors with the opportunity to acquire memorabilia and unique gifts that capture the essence of the town and the regional charm of Idaho.

    From handcrafted jewelry to artwork inspired by the picturesque landscapes, Lava Hot Springs offers an array of locally-made treasures that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Idaho.

    Visitors can explore artisanal products such as pottery, leather goods, and textiles, showcasing the craftsmanship of the region. The stores feature a selection of specialty food items, including huckleberry treats, jams, and local honey, allowing visitors to savor the flavors of Idaho long after their trip.

    Camp or Rent a Cabin at the Lava Hot Springs KOA

    The Lava Hot Springs KOA offers camping and cabin rental options, providing visitors with comfortable accommodations and access to outdoor recreation activities in the scenic surroundings of the town.

    Whether you prefer traditional tent camping or the convenience of a cozy cabin, Lava Hot Springs KOA has something for everyone. The accommodations are well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay amidst nature’s wonders. For outdoor enthusiasts, the options are endless – from hiking and fishing to soaking in the natural hot springs, there’s always an adventure waiting just outside your door. Nature lovers will be captivated by the beauty of the wilderness while still enjoying the comforts of home.

    Go Fishing in the Nearby Rivers and Lakes

    Engaging in fishing adventures in the nearby rivers and lakes of Lava Hot Springs offers anglers a serene and rewarding experience amidst the natural beauty and abundant fishing opportunities of the region.

    The picturesque rivers and tranquil lakes surrounding Lava Hot Springs provide a perfect setting for angling enthusiasts seeking a peaceful retreat in nature. With the diverse array of fish species, including trout, bass, and steelhead, these water bodies offer an enticing challenge for both novice and experienced fishers.

    The scenic surroundings coupled with the soothing ambiance make fishing in this area not just about the catch but also about immersing oneself in the tranquility of the outdoors. Anglers often revel in the sense of escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, cherishing the moments spent amidst pristine waterways and lush landscapes.

    Take a Scenic Drive through the Countryside

    Embarking on a scenic drive through the picturesque countryside of Lava Hot Springs provides travelers with captivating vistas, tranquil landscapes, and the freedom to savor the idyllic beauty of Idaho’s rural charm.

    The winding roads lead through lush

    • green pastures
    • rolling hills
    • and meandering rivers, creating a captivating tapestry of natural beauty.

    As the gentle breeze tousles through the tall grasses and wildflowers, travelers can revel in the serenity of the countryside. The scenic overlooks offer breathtaking panoramas, where the majestic mountains meet the expansive sky, and the tranquil beauty of the countryside unfolds before the wanderers’ eager eyes.

    Visit the Nearby Historical Sites and Museums

    Exploring the nearby historical sites and museums in the vicinity of Lava Hot Springs offers a glimpse into the rich heritage, cultural legacy, and historical narratives that define the region’s captivating past.

    Visitors can delve into the fascinating stories of the Oregon Trail at the Interpretive Center, where exhibits and interactive displays bring to life the struggles and triumphs of the early settlers.

    The Fort Hall Replica provides a fascinating insight into the turbulent era of western expansion and the interactions between Native American tribes and European explorers and trappers.

    For those interested in geological history, the Idaho Museum of Natural History showcases the region’s prehistoric past, including dinosaur fossils and ancient artifacts.

    Relax and Unwind in the Peaceful Atmosphere of Lava Hot Springs

    Lava Hot Springs offers a tranquil and serene atmosphere, providing visitors with the perfect setting to relax, unwind, and embrace the peaceful ambiance that permeates the town’s wellness-oriented environment.

    Surrounded by the picturesque mountains of Idaho and nestled along the flowing waters of the Portneuf River, Lava Hot Springs creates an idyllic escape for those seeking tranquility and rejuvenation. The natural hot springs, renowned for their therapeutic benefits, invite patrons to soak in mineral-rich pools, offering a deeply relaxing experience. As patrons stroll through the charming downtown, they encounter wellness-focused businesses, quaint shops, and inviting eateries, all contributing to the town’s enticing and peaceful ambiance.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the top things to do in Lava Hot Springs?

    There are plenty of fun activities to do in Lava Hot Springs, such as soaking in the natural hot springs, tubing down the Portneuf River, visiting the Olympic Swimming Complex, touring the historic downtown, and hiking to nearby waterfalls.

    Is there a cost to visit Lava Hot Springs?

    There is no admission fee to enter Lava Hot Springs; however, some activities, such as the Olympic Swimming Complex and water park, may require a small fee. Most of the outdoor activities, such as hiking and visiting the hot springs, are free of charge.

    Can I bring my family to Lava Hot Springs?

    Absolutely! Lava Hot Springs is a great destination for families, with plenty of kid-friendly activities and attractions. Families can enjoy tubing, swimming, and playing at the water park, as well as exploring the charming downtown area.

    Are there any other natural hot springs in Lava Hot Springs?

    Aside from the popular Lava Hot Springs, there are also other natural hot springs in the surrounding area, such as the Hooper Springs and Baker Springs. These hidden gems offer a more secluded and tranquil hot springs experience.

    What is the best time to visit Lava Hot Springs?

    Lava Hot Springs is a year-round destination, with each season offering its own unique charm. The summer months are perfect for outdoor activities, while the winter season is great for soaking in the hot springs and enjoying the snowy scenery.

    Are there any events or festivals in Lava Hot Springs?

    Yes, there are several events and festivals held in Lava Hot Springs throughout the year. Some popular ones include the Fire and Ice Winter Festival, Hot Rock’n Fourth, and the Lava Hot Springs Folk Festival. Be sure to check the events calendar before planning your trip.