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Welcome to Jeju Island, a captivating vacation destination in South Korea that will leave you breathless. Known for its stunning natural beauty and diverse attractions, Jeju Island is the perfect getaway for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. From picturesque beaches to lush forests and volcanic landscapes, this island offers a feast for the senses.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Jeju by exploring the Jeju Folk Village, where you can learn about traditional Korean customs and experience local crafts firsthand. Indulge your taste buds with delicious Korean cuisine, including iconic dishes like kimchi and soju.

Jeju Folk Village

Getting to Jeju Island is a breeze with convenient intercity flights or a scenic ferry ride from the mainland. Once you arrive, public transport options make it easy to navigate the island and visit popular destinations such as Seogwipo.

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Jeju Island and create memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to explore this enchanting paradise!

Best Places to Visit in Jeju Island

Seongsan Ilchulbong: Famous volcanic crater with breathtaking views

jeju island geopark
jeju island geopark


Seongsan Ilchulbong, also known as Sunrise Peak, is an absolute must-visit when exploring Jeju Island. This famous volcanic crater offers visitors breathtaking panoramic views that will leave you in awe. The hike up to the peak may be a bit challenging, but trust me, it’s worth every step.

Once you reach the top of Seongsan Ilchulbong, you’ll be greeted by a stunning sight – a gigantic crater surrounded by lush greenery and the vast expanse of the ocean. The view during sunrise is especially captivating, as the sun rises over the horizon, casting a golden glow on the landscape. It’s truly a picture-perfect moment that you won’t want to miss.

Manjanggul Cave: Longest lava tube in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage site

If you’re interested in exploring natural wonders, then make sure to visit Manjanggul Cave during your Jeju Island holiday. This incredible lava tube is not only the longest in the world but also holds the prestigious title of being a UNESCO World Heritage site.

As you venture into Manjanggul Cave, prepare to be amazed by its sheer size and unique formations created by solidified lava. The cave stretches for about 8 kilometers and features various chambers and tunnels waiting to be discovered. Walking through this underground marvel feels like stepping into another world altogether.

Loveland: Unique sculpture park showcasing erotic art

For those seeking something out of the ordinary, Loveland is an unconventional attraction that shouldn’t be missed. This unique sculpture park showcases an array of erotic art pieces created by Korean artists.

As you wander through Loveland, you’ll encounter sculptures depicting various aspects of human intimacy and sexuality. While some may find it bold or even controversial, it’s important to approach Loveland with an open mind and appreciate it as a celebration of human expression. The park offers a truly unique experience that pushes boundaries and sparks conversations.

Top Attractions and Landmarks in Jeju

Jeju Folk Village Museum

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in traditional Korean culture and architecture, a visit to the Jeju Folk Village Museum is a must. This fascinating museum showcases the rich heritage of Jeju Island through its collection of traditional houses, artifacts, and exhibits. You can stroll through the village and get a glimpse into the daily lives of the island’s inhabitants from centuries ago. The meticulously recreated thatched-roof houses, stone walls, and narrow alleyways transport you back in time.

Teddy Bear Museum

For a whimsical experience on your Jeju Island holiday, make sure to stop by the Teddy Bear Museum. This unique attraction features an extensive collection of teddy bears from around the world. From classic bears to modern interpretations, you’ll find them all here. The museum showcases teddy bears dressed up as historical figures, celebrities, and even characters from popular movies. It’s a fun-filled place that will ignite your imagination and bring out your inner child.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall

Nature lovers will be enchanted by the beauty of Cheonjiyeon Waterfall. Surrounded by lush greenery, this stunning waterfall is one of Jeju Island’s most picturesque landmarks. As you stand before its cascading waters, you’ll feel a sense of tranquility wash over you. The sight and sound of water rushing down create a mesmerizing spectacle that leaves visitors in awe. Take a leisurely stroll along the walking paths that wind through the surrounding forest for an even closer encounter with nature’s splendor.

These attractions are just scratching the surface of what this beautiful destination has to offer. Whether you’re exploring major palaces or wandering through Seogwipo City’s vibrant streets, there is something for everyone on this enchanting island.

In addition to these top picks, there are numerous other attractions and landmarks worth exploring during your Jeju Island holiday. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit Hallasan National Park, where you can hike up the dormant volcano for breathtaking views of the island. Another must-visit is Seongsan Ilchulbong, also known as Sunrise Peak, which offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding coastline.

To make the most of your time on Jeju Island, consider planning a diverse itinerary that includes both natural wonders and cultural experiences. From stunning waterfalls to fascinating museums, this island has it all. So pack your bags, put on your walking shoes, and get ready to create unforgettable memories on your Jeju Island adventure!

Explore Nature: Hiking Trails on Mount Hallasan

If you’re an adventure seeker looking to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Jeju Island, hiking the trails on Mount Hallasan is a must-do activity. With its diverse range of trails catering to different skill levels, this majestic mountain offers breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. Let’s dive into three popular hiking trails that will take you on an exciting journey through the island’s stunning landscapes.

Eorimok Trail: Beginner-friendly trail with scenic views of the island’s landscape

The Eorimok Trail is perfect for beginners or those who prefer a more leisurely hike. This trail starts at Eorimok, a picturesque forested area located at the base of Mount Hallasan. As you make your way along this well-maintained path, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of Jeju Island’s lush greenery and rolling hills. The trail is relatively easy and suitable for families or individuals seeking a peaceful escape into nature.


  • Scenic views of the island’s landscape
  • Beginner-friendly trail
  • Suitable for families and leisure hikers

Seongpanak Trail: Most popular trail leading to the summit of Mount Hallasan

For those seeking a more challenging hike with rewarding panoramic vistas, the Seongpanak Trail is your best bet. This trail is renowned as the most popular route to reach the summit of Mount Hallasan. As you ascend through dense forests and rocky terrain, keep an eye out for various flora and fauna unique to Jeju Island. The highlight of this trail is reaching Baekrokdam, a stunning crater lake situated near the peak. Be prepared for steep sections and ensure you have proper hiking gear before embarking on this adventure.


  • Most popular route to reach the summit
  • Stunning crater lake – Baekrokdam
  • Diverse flora and fauna sightings

Gwaneumsa Trail: Challenging route for experienced hikers, offering panoramic vistas

If you’re an experienced hiker seeking a more challenging and rewarding trek, the Gwaneumsa Trail is the one for you. This trail takes you through dense forests, steep slopes, and rocky terrain, providing a true test of your endurance. Along the way, you’ll encounter multiple waterfalls cascading down the mountainside, adding to the scenic beauty of the hike. As you reach higher elevations, be prepared to witness breathtaking panoramic views of Jeju Island’s coastline.


  • Challenging route for experienced hikers
  • Multiple waterfalls along the trail
  • Spectacular panoramic vistas of the coastline

Embarking on a hiking adventure on Mount Hallasan is not just about conquering trails; it’s an opportunity to connect with nature and experience the raw beauty of Jeju Island. Whether you choose the beginner-friendly Eorimok Trail or opt for a more challenging hike on Seongpanak or Gwaneumsa Trails, each path offers its own unique charm and rewards. So put on your hiking boots, pack some snacks and water, and get ready to explore these incredible trails that will leave you in awe of Jeju Island’s natural landscapes.

Experience Barefoot Luxury at Jungmun Tourist Area

If you’re looking for a marvelous city escape during your Jeju Island holiday, head over to the enchanting Jungmun Tourist Area. This popular resort area offers a perfect blend of luxury, natural beauty, and entertainment that will leave you in awe.

Jungmun Beach: Pristine sandy beach perfect for sunbathing and water sports

Jungmun Beach is a pristine stretch of white sand that beckons visitors with its crystal-clear turquoise waters. Whether you want to soak up the sun or indulge in thrilling water sports, this beach has got you covered. Take a leisurely stroll along the shore, build sandcastles with your friends or family, or simply relax under the shade of an umbrella while enjoying a refreshing beverage.

  • Pro Tip: Don’t forget to slather on some sunscreen before hitting the beach to protect your skin from those scorching rays.

Yeomiji Botanical Garden: Largest indoor botanical garden in Asia

Step into a world of lush greenery and vibrant blooms at the Yeomiji Botanical Garden. As the largest indoor botanical garden in Asia, it boasts an impressive collection of over 2,000 plant species from around the globe. Wander through its various themed gardens, such as the Tropical Garden and Water Lily Garden, and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty.

  • Fun Fact: The garden is also home to an observation deck where you can enjoy panoramic views of Jeju Island’s stunning landscape.

Jusangjeolli Cliff: Impressive hexagonal rock formations along the coast

Prepare to be amazed by the jaw-dropping sight of Jusangjeolli Cliff. Formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago, this natural wonder showcases magnificent hexagonal rock formations along the coast. Marvel at nature’s artistic prowess as waves crash against these unique pillars and spray mist into the air. It’s a photographer’s dream come true!

  • Insider Tip: Visit during sunset for a truly magical experience as the golden hues of the sky illuminate the cliffs, creating a breathtaking backdrop.

In addition to these highlights, Jungmun Tourist Area offers an array of other attractions and activities to make your holiday unforgettable. Indulge in delectable street food at the bustling night market, pamper yourself with a luxurious spa treatment at one of the renowned resorts, or dine at one of the many exquisite restaurants offering both local and international cuisine.

  • Must-Try Dish: Don’t miss out on trying Jeju’s famous black pork barbecue, known for its tender and flavorful meat.

With so much to see and do, you’ll find that Jungmun Tourist Area has something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply want to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, this marvelous city getaway will exceed your expectations.

Where to Stay in Jeju Island: Best Hotels and Accommodations

If you’re planning a holiday on Jeju Island, finding the perfect place to stay is essential. Luckily, there are plenty of options available for all types of travelers. Here are some top hotels and accommodations that cater to different preferences and budgets.

Shilla Stay Jeju Hotel

For those seeking a luxurious experience with breathtaking ocean views, the Shilla Stay Jeju Hotel is an excellent choice. This modern hotel offers elegant rooms with upscale amenities such as flat-screen TVs, minibars, and comfortable beds. The highlight of this hotel is undoubtedly the stunning view of the ocean from many of its rooms. Imagine waking up to the sound of crashing waves and enjoying a cup of coffee while admiring the serene beauty of the sea.


  • Modern hotel with luxurious amenities
  • Breathtaking ocean views from many rooms
  • Convenient location near popular attractions


  • Higher price range compared to budget accommodations

Sum Guesthouse

If you’re on a tight budget but still want a cozy place to stay, Sum Guesthouse is worth considering. This budget-friendly accommodation offers comfortable dormitory-style rooms with shared facilities. Despite its affordability, Sum Guesthouse maintains a welcoming atmosphere and provides clean and well-maintained spaces for guests to relax in.


  • Budget-friendly option for travelers
  • Cozy and welcoming atmosphere
  • Clean and well-maintained facilities


  • Shared facilities may not be suitable for everyone’s preference
  • Limited privacy in dormitory-style rooms

Jeju Booyoung Hotel & Resort

For families or those looking for a resort experience, Jeju Booyoung Hotel & Resort is an ideal choice. This family-friendly resort offers various recreational facilities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and even a golf course. With spacious rooms designed for comfort and convenience, it provides an excellent base for exploring Jeju Island while ensuring a relaxing stay for the whole family.

Itinerary for a Trip to Jeju Island

If you’re planning a holiday to Jeju Island, get ready for an adventure-packed journey! With its stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Jeju Island has something for everyone. Here’s a three-day itinerary that will help you make the most of your visit.

Day 1: Explore the Natural Wonders

Start your first day by visiting Seongsan Ilchulbong in the morning. This UNESCO World Heritage site is famous for its breathtaking sunrise views from the top of the volcanic crater. Take a leisurely hike up the trail and be rewarded with panoramic vistas of the island.

In the afternoon, head over to Manjanggul Cave, one of the longest lava tubes in the world. Explore this underground marvel and marvel at its unique rock formations. The cave is equipped with well-lit pathways, making it easy to navigate and appreciate its beauty.

Day 2: Immerse Yourself in Culture

Kick off your second day by immersing yourself in Jeju’s rich cultural heritage at the Jeju Folk Village Museum. Wander through traditional houses, witness folk performances, and learn about local customs and traditions. It’s like stepping back in time!

Afterward, spend the afternoon at Teddy Bear Museum, a quirky attraction that showcases an extensive collection of teddy bears from around the world. From historical figures to pop culture icons, these cuddly companions are sure to bring out your inner child.

Day 3: Nature and Adventure Await

On day three, embark on an exhilarating hike up Mount Hallasan via Seongpanak Trail. As South Korea’s highest peak, this challenging trek rewards hikers with breathtaking views along the way. Make sure to pack comfortable shoes and plenty of water!

As evening approaches, head towards Jusangjeolli Cliff to witness a mesmerizing sunset spectacle. Marvel at these unique hexagonal rock formations created by volcanic activity. The crashing waves against the cliffs create a dramatic backdrop for your final evening on Jeju Island.

Wrapping Up Your Jeju Island Holiday

Congratulations on completing the sections of this blog post! By now, you have discovered the best places to visit in Jeju Island, explored its top attractions and landmarks, hiked the breathtaking trails of Mount Hallasan, experienced barefoot luxury at Jungmun Tourist Area, learned about the best hotels and accommodations on the island, and even planned an itinerary for your trip. You’re well-prepared to embark on a memorable Jeju Island holiday!

Now that you have all the information you need to make your trip unforgettable, it’s time to pack your bags and get ready for an adventure like no other. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, Jeju Island has something for everyone. So go ahead and book your flights, reserve your accommodation, and get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of this enchanting destination.


Can I visit Jeju Island without a visa?

Yes! Visitors from many countries can enter Jeju Island without a visa if they plan to stay for 30 days or less. However, it’s essential to check the visa requirements based on your nationality before traveling.

What is the best time of year to visit Jeju Island?

The best time to visit Jeju Island depends on your preferences. Spring (April-May) offers pleasant weather with blooming flowers; summer (June-August) brings warm temperatures perfect for beach activities; autumn (September-November) showcases vibrant foliage; and winter (December-February) offers a chance to see snow-capped landscapes.

How can I get around Jeju Island?

Jeju Island has an excellent public transportation system consisting of buses that reach most tourist destinations. Taxis are also readily available. Renting a car is another option if you prefer more flexibility during your exploration.

Are there any unique local dishes I should try in Jeju?

Absolutely! Don’t miss out on trying Jeju’s famous black pork barbecue, fresh seafood like abalone and sea urchin, and the iconic Jeju mandarin oranges. These culinary delights will surely tantalize your taste buds.

Is it possible to climb Mount Hallasan?

Yes, it is! Mount Hallasan offers several hiking trails suitable for different fitness levels. Make sure to check the trail conditions and prepare accordingly before embarking on this rewarding adventure.

How long does it take to explore Jeju Island fully?

To explore Jeju Island fully, you would need at least a week or more. However, even with a shorter trip, you can still enjoy many of its highlights and create lasting memories.

Can I swim in the ocean around Jeju Island?

Absolutely! The beaches of Jeju Island are perfect for swimming during the summer months. Some popular choices include Hamdeok Beach, Jungmun Saekdal Beach, and Hyeopjae Beach. Remember to follow safety guidelines and check for any warnings before taking a dip.

Remember to plan ahead, embrace the beauty of nature, indulge in local cuisine, and create unforgettable memories during your jeju island holiday. Safe travels!